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Design memorable digital experiences

Create or reimagine products or services that exceed customer expectations in exciting, unforgettable ways.



Work with us if you want to:


  • Truly understand and solve customers’ problems
  • Elevate products and services to their fullest potential
  • Launch a new product to capture a market opportunity
  • Align your team on priorities and how they fit into your strategic vision


Our experience runs deep (100+ years among us). We’ve created 200+ digital solutions—from mobile apps and ecommerce platforms to booking engines and omnichannel product ecosystems—for travel and hospitality, automotive, education, banking, ecommerce, government, and other companies and organizations. We’re experts in designing experiences to realize OKRs for many industries by combining strategy, technical skill, and experience to  help you critically evaluate and optimize your product ecosystem to grow your business.

“Our foundation is built around helping people. That means truly understanding emotions and behavior.”

Miles Kemp

CEO and Head of Design

Our Proven Framework

Our customer experience framework can align your team around the biggest priorities and projects by helping you understand, evaluate, and prioritize business opportunities. Building on your goals and objectives, we offer a snapshot of where you are today, a vision for the future, and a strategy to help you bridge the gap within 18 months.

Our team delivers the design firepower you need to bring groundbreaking ideas to life through a proven process rooted in meaningful collaboration and direction. Working with your team in real-time, we bring the exceptional design, user research, analytics tools, experience, and passion needed to deliver high-quality work seamlessly into your organization.

How do we do it?

  • Understand your customers’ behavior, pain points, and expectations
  • Conduct competitive benchmarking
  • Define key features and flows
  • Brainstorm new solutions to excite and delight your customers
  • Design your service delivery process (front- and backend)
  • Create rapid prototypes to test, refine, and validate the concept
  • Write all copy on brand
  • Create pixel-perfect UX/UI designs for delivery
  • Design QA and development support
  • Create an implementation roadmap to execute future features

Starting Point

We’ve worked with companies building new experiences from scratch and those who are looking to bring new life to an existing product. Most our digital work falls within one of the following categories: 


Discovery Project

You have an existing challenge or goal but aren’t sure how to solve or achieve it.



Design Optimization

You have an existing product that’s not living up to its potential. 



From concept to market

You have an idea for a new product or service and want to bring it to market.


“At Variate, we ensure our partners feel heard. Our design process is built on the foundation of their expertise.”

Brooks Martin

Lead Design Director

Client Wins


revenue increase for Marriott in 4 years thanks to reimagined digital products


annual incremental revenue from Marriott’s new mobile app


increase in booking conversion in 1 year for Carnival Cruise Line


Helmerich & Payne employees using one logistics management system


Marriott employees trained on COVID using the new learning platform


rating and 546K reviews for Marriott’s new mobile app


new guest-facing services (E.g., mobile key, service requests) designed for Marriott’s mobile app


hotels migrated to Marriott’s new digital platform in 1 year


new license application and management experience for the Federal Communications Commission (FCC)

What our clients say

Miles is able to channel his team of talented individuals to achieve greatness on time and on budget. Working with Miles and team have required me to raise my game and it has been a pleasure working with them.

Peter Osbourne
Program Architect, Phillips 66

Miles is insanely talented and extremely knowledgeable at everything UX-related. It was my absolute pleasure working with Miles on multiple complex projects in eCommerce, Learning & Development, Training, and DoD, and he has gone above and beyond in delivering high-quality work each time.

Mollie Stricker
UX Designer, Amazon Web Services

Miles is the best. His knowledge and vision for technology are matched only by his creative outlook on the world. I would beg, borrow, and/or steal to have him on any project.

Andrew Keegan
Group Director of Technology, Team One

Miles deserves to be acknowledged as the leading UX architect behind the most innovative media and eCommerce applications in use today. What makes him so successful, in my opinion, is that his training and career as an architect carried over into UX and UI design for interactive media communications.

Kurt Kratchman
CEO, Virti

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