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Create a groundbreaking, branded coworking experience.

concierge devices and guest experiences for Sheraton Hotels


Sheraton Hotels has been around since 1937. Today, the premium brand, part of Marriott International, continues its mission of bringing people together. While undergoing a massive brand redesign, they also wanted to introduce a new community-based coworking concept in each one of their 400+ hotels worldwide.

We teamed up with Marriott leadership to create a groundbreaking vision concept for a coworking experience that includes:

  • Communal workspaces
  • Food and beverage program
  • Conference scheduling
  • Concierge services
  • Shared conference rooms

The smartest part? All of the above are controlled through a network of concierge devices and guest mobile phones. In addition to the vision concept, our work included analysis, planning, feature concepts, detailed software design, and a clickable prototype showcasing the new concept.

What We Did

  • Organized and led brainstorming sessions
  • Co-developed new innovations and features
  • Built working, connected prototypes for key moments in the customer journey across several platforms
  • Supported architecture and software development teams in implementing new designs



vision concept for lobby coworking space


clickable prototype demonstrating the new concept

3 Big Takeaways

  1. Prioritize features based on guest feedback
  2. There’s room for everyone at the table
  3. Put companies in the customer’s shoes


Prioritize features based on guest feedback

We held multiple guest feedback sessions early on and put together a long list of important features for future implementation. Before designing, we mapped the features to key brand attributes and evaluated each feature based on factors including guest satisfaction, company goals, and level of effort. This process ensured we focused on the most important features for the prototype and early launches.

scheduling UI for Sheraton Hotels
activities manager for Sheraton Hotels
a mobile guest experience for Sheraton Hotels
booking flows for Sheraton Hotels guests
interactive room controls for Sheraton Hotels


There’s room for everyone at the table

Creating this new coworking concept meant working closely with the Sheraton brand team and multiple Marriott International teams including marketing, architecture, and digital. We designed the plan and process for how all our teams would work together, creating opportunities for everyone to provide input and direction throughout the project. This ensured that the project was a reflection of everyone’s voice and vision. 

a concierge working with Sheraton Hotels guests


 Put companies in the customer’s shoes

Experiential prototypes are the best way to understand the customer journey. We worked with Marriott leadership and a third party to design both the community manager and customer experiences. This allowed stakeholders to experience scheduling, notifications, personal greeting, meeting coordination, food and beverage, and room control features firsthand. 

guests working at a Sheraton Hotel

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