Design Discovery: Crafting a Guiding Vision

A design discovery project is an in-depth exploration phase that identifies client needs and project requirements, ensuring a tailored, effective design solution that aligns with business goals. The process combines market research, user understanding, and creative brainstorming to create well-thought-out, user-centric designs that meet the customers' needs and exceed their expectations.

The Process

Research & Understanding

In this initial step, we gather insights about the market, competitors, and, most importantly, the end-users. We employ techniques like user interviews, surveys, and data analysis to develop a deep understanding of the target audience's wants, needs, and preferences. By focusing on user research, we can create products that truly resonate with the target audience, leading to increased satisfaction and loyalty.

When designing MyRig for Helmerich & Payne, during this stage of design discovery, our team visited a different rig each month to meet with employees, learn about their pain points, and observe them working on the existing digital systems. Learn more about the process and impact of that project here.

Idea Generation & Risk Reduction

This brainstorming phase is where creativity meets practicality. Here, the focus is on generating a plethora of ideas that cater to user needs and pinpointing potential issues of any proposed solutions. This process not only fosters innovation but significantly reduces the risk of product failure as ideas are vetted for feasibility and market relevance.

Prototyping & Testing

With clear direction, early prototypes–be it digital mockups or physical models–are developed to test the ideas. This iterative process involves refining concepts based on real-world feedback.

When collaborating with Marriott International to create a groundbreaking coworking experience for Sheraton Hotels, we created an experiential prototype that allowed stakeholders to experience the concept firsthand. This ensured the finished design aligned with the goals of the project and needs of the customer. Discover the details of the project here.

Feedback Analysis & Refinement

User and stakeholder feedback is critical in understanding the viability and effectiveness of the design concepts. As part of our process, we implement a continuous feedback loop that allows for continuous improvement and demonstrates a commitment to meeting your customers' needs.

Embracing design discovery means embracing a future of products and services that are not only functionally superior but also resonate deeply with the customer. Understanding users, fostering innovation, and being responsive to feedback are not just design principles, but are business strategies that help transform ambitious companies into unrivaled brands. Get in touch with our team to begin your design discovery process.

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