Designing systems that serve the public and build trust in federal agencies.

Our Point of View

As a GSA-approved customer experience design agency, we specialize in enhancing the digital and physical interactions between federal agencies and the public they serve. Our team is dedicated to creating seamless and accessible user experiences, ensuring compliance with all federal regulations, including ADA and Section 508 standards.

Through the GSA Multiple Awards Schedule, we offer streamlined procurement of our comprehensive services, ranging from user research and interface design to usability testing and strategic experience planning. We collaborate closely with federal clients to innovate and improve public-facing platforms and internal systems, making them more intuitive, efficient, and user-friendly.

We recognize our government's immense potential to enhance its citizens' welfare and are committed to empowering federal agencies to enact meaningful change. Our approach centers on bringing agile, human-centric solutions to complex organizational challenges, and designing systems that best serve and build trust with the public.

Core Competencies

Design Strategy

UX/UI Website Design

Agile Development

Design Systems & USWDS

Design Operations

User Research

21st Century IDEA

Content Strategy & Management

Past Performance

FCC License Management

Navy Budget Management

Marriott Omni-channel Experience

Carnival Cruise Booking Engine

Macy’s On-property Experience

Contract Info & SIN Codes


54151S  - Information Technology Professional Services

541511 - Web Based Marketing Services

Impactful Partnerships

Federal Communications Commission (FCC)

We assisted the FCC in redefining spectrum license management, simplifying the process for all Americans to obtain and maintain their licenses.

Executive Office of the President

We partnered with the EOP to develop a suite of user-friendly budgeting tools, streamlining collaboration and efficiency across the agency.

United States Army

We worked with the Army to craft a forward-thinking concept for AI-enabled global logistics readiness, revolutionizing military preparedness and operations.

United States Navy

We collaborated with the Navy to chart a future vision for budget and logistics management for a new class of vessels, ensuring optimal maritime operations.

What Partners Say

"Variate was an outstanding partner bringing design and innovation to a key government partner."

Oanh Lee

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