About Variate

CX Design with Impact. Partnership with Purpose. Driving Results Together.

Our Story

We started Variate in 2009 with one mission: To influence and inspire companies to build stronger relationships with their customers by elevating their existing talent, products, and process. Since then, we’ve helped companies around the world transform their organizations and create impactful digital experiences for their 900 million+ hospitality, travel, retail, government, and banking customers.

Our Approach

We believe the best outcomes come from working together, side-by-side, with your in-house teams. We bring deep digital experience across more than a dozen verticals and collaborative problem-solving to your organization. We listen and understand, we bring new ideas, and we look for ways to make your existing tools and processes work better for you—all to create something your customers truly want and need.

Companies like you choose us because you know we could simply provide the solution, but you’d much rather be part of the process. This way of working means you end up with an amazing solution your customers love, a new process, and internal advocates to see the solution grow and prosper well into the future.

CX Design Service Areas

Design Strategy

Experience & Service Design
Design Delivery
Design Systems
Design Operations and Process

Our investment in individual growth directly impacts large-scale transformation at the company level.

Miles Kemp

CEO and Head of Design

Working Together

We believe in true collaboration and we're intentionally flexible to navigate your organization.


Our Values

Relationships Over Deliverables

We believe people matter most and that great relationships, built on trust, honesty, and mutual respect, lead to great work. We genuinely care about our clients—their success and personal growth—and want them to be the heroes of the work we create together.

Strength from Teamwork

We leverage our individual strengths to solve complex problems—together. Our clients are an extension of our team, and vice versa, and we’re there to support each other at every step.

Take Initiative

When we see something that needs to be done, we do it. We’re self-starters who anticipate the wishes and needs of our clients and go above and beyond to help them succeed.

Be Generous

We’ve got an abundance-of-life mentality and believe that generosity makes the world a better place. We give our time, energy, and resources to projects and causes we believe in. We do so with zero expectations and know that it really does feel good to give.

Always Be Learning

We believe that learning is more than absorbing information; it’s the willingness to share an opinion, make mistakes, and iterate until we get it right. Learning is a personal journey in which we strive to be both better humans and high-performing designers.

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