About Variate

Ambitious Companies. Extraordinary Designs. Unrivaled Results.

Variate Team 2022

Variate Team Summitt, 2022 - Miles Kemp, Brooks Martin, Madison Den Herder, Ian Ballantyne, Brooke Christy, John Pham

Our Approach

Our DC-based agency began in 2009 with the belief that, by prioritizing people and forging meaningful connections, we can consistently achieve unrivaled results for our clients. Since inception, we've proven that by helping global organizations transform their operations and deliver extraordinary digital experiences to over 900 million customers across different sectors.

We leverage our industry-leading CX design framework and cutting-edge design solutions to work closely alongside you, transforming your vision into unrivaled results for both you and your brand.

Our Partners

From startups with big dreams to established businesses seeking to differentiate themselves, we partner with organizations of all sizes and industries to bring their visions to life. 

We've led over 200 digital design projects and collaborated with 85+ ambitious companies, including Marriott International, Carnival Cruise Line, Macy's & Bloomingdale's, Stanley, Black & Decker, and Amerant Bank.

You bring the passion, enthusiasm and ideas, we'll deliver extraordinary, customer-centric designs that produce unrivaled results like the ones below.

MNA - 1-1

Our Values

Our values define us, shaping our work ethic, our approach to innovation, and our commitment to building lasting relationships with our clients and partners. They are the principles that guide us in our pursuit of excellence and our mission to transform ambitious companies into unrivaled brands.

Relationships First

We actively prioritize relationships, fostering enduring partnerships and nurturing growth in every decision and interaction.

Strength from Teamwork

We champion teamwork, leveraging diverse expertise, perspectives, and skills to craft impactful, purpose-driven solutions.

Take Initiative

We take the initiative, proactively seeking opportunities and boldly confronting challenges to drive innovation and foster a culture of leadership and accountability.


We are driven by empathy, combining insights and feedback to create solutions that deeply resonate with people’s emotional and functional needs.

Pursue Excellence

We relentlessly pursue excellence, continuously elevating our standards and enhancing our services, processes, and outcomes.

Your Success

Extraordinary Customer Experiences

Provide your customers with a carefully designed journey, tailor-made to meet their needs and achieve your goals. At every interaction, you’ll cultivate a connection that leaves a lasting impact on your customers and distinguishes your brand from the competition.

Evangelizing Brand Advocates

Witness your customers transform into passionate brand advocates who demonstrate unfettered loyalty and actively promote your brand to others.

Exponential Growth Metrics

Overcome feelings of stagnation while your brand experiences exponential growth across key performance indicators, such as conversion rate, customer satisfaction scores, revenue and more.

Optimized Operational Processes

Effortlessly provide exceptional customer experiences with efficient and streamlined internal processes, ensuring each of your customer interactions is seamless and unforgettable.

Tangible ROI

Experience measurable return on investment that demonstrates your transformation into an unrivaled brand.

"Variate's strategy led to key customer breakthroughs and more revenue... a pleasure to collaborate with across our leadership team."

Lara Pierre

Head of Ecommerce at Music & Arts / Guitar Center

Join Us on this Journey

Our team is always ready to explore new challenges, co-create innovative solutions, and embark on our clients' unique journeys. If you're ready to transform your customer experience, come craft your success with us.