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Reimagine your customer journey.

Earn lifetime fans and unlimited ROI with a digital experience that puts people first.

Customer Experience Journey Map


Work with us if you want to:


  • Solve customers’ problems
  • Create moments that inspire customers to tell others about you
  • Ensure your team understands the customer journey
  • Align your team on top priorities


Our goal is to create an intentional, memorable digital experience that’s so beyond what your competitors are doing that your customers will never think of going anywhere else. By helping you better understand your customers, we can design a distinct experience that reinforces your brand’s commitment to meeting customers’ needs in exciting ways. 

“We design magical moments in your customer journey that organically grow your business by inspiring people to share their experience.”

Miles Kemp

CEO and HEad of Design

How do we do it?

  • Evaluate your strategic goals and objectives with consumer insights and market trends
  • Understand and catalog your customers’ motivations and pain points
  • Catalog the moments of your existing customer journey
  • Design your optimal customer journey to realize your vision
  • Identify risks and opportunities
  • Brainstorm new solutions to excite and delight your customers
  • Create a strategic roadmap for future success
  • Align your team around the new vision
Customer Experience Brainstorm

Starting Point

Not sure you have gaps in your customer journey? A customer experience (CX) sprint can help you better understand your customers and uncover revenue opportunities.

Our CX design sprint offers a deep dive into your customer journey using our proven framework. Over the course of a two-week design sprint and one-day in-person workshop, we’ll:

  • Align your strategic goals
  • Discuss your customer behavior, considerations, and pain points
  • Brainstorm innovative solutions to solve your customers’ most important needs
  • Help you focus your efforts by prioritizing and aligning your team around the most impactful solutions
A team collaborating in a customer experience workshop
A stack of sticky notes for use in a customer experience workshop
Miles Kemp conducting a customer experience workshop
A team discussing the outcomes of a customer experience workshop
a design team facilitating a customer experience workshop



revenue increase for Marriott in 4 years thanks to reimagined digital products


annual incremental revenue from Marriott’s new mobile app


increase in booking conversion in 1 year for Carnival Cruise Line

What Partners Say

"Variate consistently delivered high-impact solutions, excelling in complex projects and harmonizing the overall experience."


Mariana Cavalcanti

"I’ve worked with much larger agency partners and this was by far the BEST experience yet. I can’t say enough good things about this team."


Jessica Dewing

"They exceeded expectations with a personalized solution and meticulous attention to detail, showing genuine care."

Dre Nitze

"Variate's strategy led to key customer breakthroughs and more revenue... a pleasure to collaborate with across our leadership team."


Lara Pierre

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Our team is always ready to explore new challenges, co-create innovative solutions, and embark on our clients' unique journeys. If you're ready to transform your customer experience, come craft your success with us.