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Real-World Impact

Our work is not just about design; it's about driving impact and helping you achieve your goals. Take a look at these real-world examples of how extraordinary customer experiences can transform your business:


Revenue Increase

Revenue increase for Marriott International from product redesigns


New Revenue

New revenue from Marriott International Mobile App generated in year 1


Lead Increase

Increase in new leads for Amerant Bank since 2023 website launch


Brands Unified

Brands unified in 1 Design System for Marriott International


Properties Migrated

Hotel properties migrated to new digital platform for Marriott International. Completed in 1 year.


Employees Trained

Employees trained for Marriott International across 30 brands on a new learning platform in 1 year


Booking Increase

Increase in mobile booking engine conversion for Carnival Cruise Line

Real-World Partnerships

Our projects have touched the lives of more than 900 million customers. Explore past & current partnerships you may be familiar with.

Marriott International

Over 4 years, we helped Marriott International redesign every digital touchpoint for their 500M+ customers and 1M+ hotel staff across their customer journey.

Carnival Cruise Lines

We partner with Carnival Cruise Line to reimagine their booking journey, optimize conversion rates, and craft an extraordinary experience for every traveler.

Marriott L+D

We empowered Marriott International by crafting a state-of-the-art training tool for their 31 distinct brands, and 1M+ dedicated employees.

Stanley, Black & Decker

We collaborated with Stanley, Black and Decker to launch a new tool and streamline their fleet management system, enhancing operational efficiency.

Macy's & Bloomingdale's

We partnered with Macy's & Bloomingdale's to revitalize several in-store experiences and scale their design system across the organization.

Music & Arts

We guided Music & Arts to merge two distinct brands, into a reimagined e-commerce platform that resonates with their unified vision.


We helped Ellucian create their new design system, and seamlessly integrate it across their 65+ products, to create a cohesive customer experience.

Bright AI

We help Bright AI to develop the next generation of AI-powered enterprise training tools, setting the benchmark for innovation in learning.

Team Velocity

We helped Team Velocity, reimagine the user experience of their flagship dealership product leading to massive growth and brand distinction.


We helped Sheraton conceptualize a visionary coworking experience and successfully launching the pilot to set new industry standards.

Helmerich & Payne

We Partnered with Helmerich & Payne to create a personalized role-based mobile logistics platform and scale it across their fleet.

Made By Us

We partnered with Made By Us to design a cutting-edge digital tool, enabling the American public a platform to express their innovative ideas.


We partnered with Disney to transform their e-commerce store, elevating their brand to new heights of digital excellence.


We teamed up with Sodexo to reshape their content strategy and amplify their brand mission, achieving resonance across multiple countries.


We collaborated with Sony to conceive the visionary concept for the digital Walkman of the future, setting a new standard in audio innovation.

BMW Designwork

We worked alongside BMW Designworks to shape the future of Connected Drive, iDrive, i3, and i8, crafting pioneering concepts for a new driving era.

United States Navy

We collaborated with the Navy to chart a future vision for budget and logistics management for a new class of vessels, ensuring optimal maritime operations.

United States Army

We worked with the Army to craft a forward-thinking concept for AI-enabled global logistics readiness, revolutionizing military preparedness and operations.

Federal Communications Commission

We assisted the FCC in redefining spectrum license management, making it easier for all Americans to obtain and maintain their licenses.

Executive Office of the President

We partnered with the EOP to develop a suite of user-friendly budgeting tools, streamlining collaboration and efficiency across the agency.

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

We collaborated with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to design and realize the digital exhibits for their flagship Seattle experience.

Holocaust Museum of LA

We assisted the Holocaust Museum of LA in concepting and realizing award-winning interactive exhibits, earning accolades and enhancing visitor engagement.

and many more...

"Variate consistently delivered high-impact solutions, excelling in complex projects and harmonizing the overall experience."

Mariana Cavalcanti

VP, Digital User Experience at Macy's & Bloomingdale's

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