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a dashboard for Helmerich & Payne users


Helmerich & Payne (H&P) is one of the biggest drilling companies in the U.S. They created a unique technology that allows them to drill 365 days a year across hundreds of rigs. 

H&P lacked efficiency across their drilling sites and wanted to create a mobile logistics management platform that would make it easy for employees across roles to collaborate and get their work done. 

We worked closely with H&P leadership to plan the project and create a new approach to design. We built this approach by establishing an ongoing employee feedback program. We visited a different rig each month, where we met with employees to understand their needs and pain points and observe them working on the existing digital systems. We used that information to drive initial design decisions and underlying functionality for a new platform, MyRig, and then shared designs and prototypes with employees to drive innovation and guide critical decisions.

The newly designed experience led to greater work efficiency, more revenue, and happier, more engaged employees.

What We Did

  • New employee logistics management platform
  • New vision for transformation
  • New personalization strategy
  • New design system



New strategy to scale the platform to 10,000 employees for H&P


New employee feedback program for H&P


Foundational product redesigns for H&P


RFID product integration for H&P

3 Big Takeaways

  1. Get end-users to adopt new products by involving them in the creation
  2. Create personal, relevant experiences
  3. Solve problems by streamlining the workflow


Get end-users to adopt new products by involving them in the creation

Traveling to different rigs each month to speak with employees was key to understanding how they work. Sharing our designs and asking them for feedback was key to the product’s success. Using our initial product and pilot launches, we created an overall strategy showing how the new design could scale to other users and systems company-wide.

user testing dashboard concepts with Helmerich & Payne
on site with Helmerich & Payne employees


Create personal, relevant experiences

Once users log into MyRig, the system recognizes them by name and position and shows them tasks they need to complete. On the rig, employees can sign in to view the day’s most critical tasks. As those tasks are completed, MyRig shows them actions that make it easier to complete other tasks, which helps the team to work more efficiently.

a dashboard for Helmerich & Payne users
mobile UIs for Helmerich & Payne employees
an interactive brochure for Helmerich & Payne
a slide in an interactive brochure for Helmerich & Payne
multi-panel displays for Helmerich & Payne


Solve problems by streamlining the workflow

Employees were using 20+ third-party software programs a day: One to view the maintenance schedule, one to review work manuals, another to order materials, and so on. Each program was totally different, and the learning curve and task completion rate varied widely across the company. We designed MyRig to connect applications across core workflows and streamline the process to view, manage, and complete tasks. It’s now easier, and more fun, for employees to do their jobs.

UIs for Helmerich & Payne's in-field team

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