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Elevate career development across 30+ brands.



Marriott International has more than a million employees and 30 brands worldwide. Training for those employees, whether new hires or newly promoted, is a vital part of employee success and retention.


Marriott had a number of training challenges:


  • Training was provided through multiple platforms, which was confusing to employees and expensive to maintain
  • New hires spent five to 10 days training and were unable to do any other work during that time
  • Managers had trouble keeping track of employees’ training activities and compliance status
  • There was no way for employees to take charge of their career development


To figure out what was needed, we interviewed employees to understand their individual approaches to career advancement, what factors contributed to their progress, and what kind of training was most helpful. With that information, we created a new employee training strategy to be used across all 30+ brands and a personalized training experience that became the foundation for a new learning and development platform.


Marriott used the new platform to train all employees across all properties worldwide on its new COVID cleaning standards.

What We Did

  • New training platform
  • New user research program
  • Team training
  • New design system for 30+ brands



New research program for Marriott


New training platform for Marriott


Faster employee training for Marriott


Employees trained for Marriott

3 Big Takeaways

  1. Personal growth isn’t a straight line
  2. Create personal, relevant experiences
  3. Design a flexible framework that allows for branding


Personal growth isn’t a straight line

Through our employee interviews, we learned that personal growth interests varied depending on the brand someone worked with and where they were in their employment journey. Putting our data together, we defined three learning stages—ramp up, grow and deepen, and grow and expand—and developed and tested potential solutions for each. What started as high-level illustrations evolved into interactive prototypes. With each solution, we created a product roadmap showing technical feasibility and the potential impact on employees and the core business.

a user journey map for a Marriott learner


Create personal, relevant experiences

Once users log into the new training platform, the system recognizes them by name and position and shows them the corporate and brand training tasks they need to complete. Depending on the brand, employees can also build their own career growth curriculum.

a web responsive app for Marriott Learning
Personalized learning for Marriott learners
a search experience for Marriott learners
a Marriott learner dashboard


Design a flexible framework that allows brands to shine

We designed the new platform so that Marriott’s 30+ brands could coexist and, when desired, offer a brand-specific experience. For example, luxury brands have more to share when it comes to brand culture, features, and amenities. Employees complete their training in a branded environment, making learning more relevant and relatable.

consistent UI design across Marriott brands
analytics and reports for Marriott managers

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