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Reimagine the automotive dealership customer experience.

a web responsive website for automotive brands


Getting a new car is exciting, but the buying process, the same for the last 100 years, can be frustrating, tedious, and time-consuming. New companies are innovating the car buying experience and elevating consumer expectations of what that experience should be.


Team Velocity offers an online marketing and sales platform for 3,000+ car dealerships across the U.S. It wanted to redesign its platform, including the customer, dealership management, and system admin experiences, to meet consumers’ elevated expectations.

We created a customer research program to inform and validate design decisions. We applied our learnings to mapping the customer journey—outlining the needs, pain points, and opportunities—and seeing where we could improve or enhance the experience.

Building on this, we shared our design concepts with potential users to gain feedback and iterate until we got it right.

The new design system allows for unprecedented customer personalization, flexibility, and the ability for dealerships to create a customized experience using our white label product. With the new platform, B2B2C customers and B2B dealerships are happier and more engaged; revenues are higher, and efficiency is at a high.

What We Did

  • Redesigned flagship dealership product
  • Redesigned dealership manager experience
  • New branded, themed templates
  • New design system for 10+ automotive brands
  • New personalization strategy



New product experiences for Team Velocity


New branded theme templates for Team Velocity


New research program for Team Velocity

3 Big Takeaways

  1. Get end-users to adopt new products by involving them in the creation
  2. Meet users where they are
  3. Design for ease and flexibility


Get end-users to adopt new products by involving them in the creation

We invested in getting to know our users and their wants, needs, and challenges when it came to the car buying and selling process. Getting their feedback on our designs throughout the process ensured we were creating a product they’d want to use.

a user journey created with Team Velocity


Meet users where they are

The typical car buying experience doesn’t consider that every customer is in a different phase of the journey. Some buyers are simply browsing, others are ready to test drive, and others are ready to think about financing. On the other side, dealers or car owners might be looking for a seamless way to service recalls and maintain or sell their vehicles. To make it easier for everyone to get relevant information in the moment, our newly designed experience presents multiple content modules on every page of the site.

a web responsive website for Mitsubishi
a search experience for Mitsubishi
a product detail page for Mitsubishi
a checkout experience for Mitsubishi


Design for ease and flexibility

We created a modular, component-based design system to allow for maximum customization and flexibility. Dealership managers can pick the components they want to showcase their content in a customized, compelling way.

a design system for automotive brands
design components in a design system for automotive brands

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