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Our Point of View

The experience of buying a car has dramatically shifted over the past three years with new companies like Carvana, Vroom, and Roadster redefining key points in the purchase experience. Customer expectations have also shifted; they want to browse, experience, and negotiate before they ever set foot in a dealership. In this new landscape, it’s more important than ever to track and quantify interest throughout the buying and post-purchase experience and offer transparency through consistent pricing and offers. There are also big opportunities to reduce friction with personalized browsing and search experiences and upsell by intelligently serving products and offers. 

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Average customer spend
Average response time per channel
Average review rating
Brand loyalty
Buying conversion rate
Content engagement
Conversion rate
Customer lifetime value
Customer satisfaction
Dealership foot traffic
Ecommerce sales
Inventory turnover
Look-to-buy ratio
Online reputation and ratings
Rate promotion
Repeat visits
Reservation abandonment
Sales and market share
Search ranking
Speed to buy


Accessibility design (WCAG 2.2)
Brand ecosystems
Car configurators
CTA optimization
Funnel optimization
Guest journey experience design
Mobile apps and configurators
Offers and pricing engines
Omnichannel and responsive design
Payment and checkout
Search optimization
Service design (front and back of house)
Displaying complex legal requirements
Upsell matrix

Partnerships with Results

Team Velocity

3 key product redesigns for digital shopping

We partnered with Team Velocity Marketing to improve the user experience in three key areas of their Apollo Automotive Platform. Led by user research, we redesigned the customer-facing digital dealership experience, eliminating friction throughout the customer journey and implementing personalization that allows modular components to be dynamically loaded into each step of the purchase funnel.

We also created multiple themes that dealerships could use to showcase products in a compelling branded experience; a new design system enabling tier-one brand customization; and a reimagined dealership management experience built around intelligent dashboards, streamlined workflows, AI-recommended ads, and upsell matrices.

a web responsive website for automotive brands
a web responsive website for Mitsubishi
a search experience for Mitsubishi
a product detail page for Mitsubishi
a checkout experience for Mitsubishi
a design system for automotive brands
design components in a design system for automotive brands

BMW Designworks

Vision concept and working prototype for future-forward car

Working alongside the BMW Designworks team, we created an in-car vision concept for a connected, battery-powered city vehicle. We collaborated with a third party to design and deploy an integrated, working automotive prototype, which was used to shape the experience of multiple vehicles including Drive 2.0, Connected Drive, and the i3 and i8 models.

a concept car for BMW
an interior design for BMW
a dashboard design for BMW
a design system for a BMW dashboard
navigation UI for BMW


Digital configurator and in-store buying experience

We helped customers build their ideal car by creating the vision and detailed designs for CODA’s new online car configurator. We also worked with leadership to create a visual concept for new dealerships including designing the customer journey and creating omnichannel in-store experiences for highly personalized shopping.

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Team Velocity

Reimagine the automotive dealership customer experience.

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