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Our Point of View

More than three-quarters of Americans bank digitally on a regular basis, a trend that was building even before the COVID-19 pandemic accelerated it. Today, the world’s best banks are seeking ways to maintain and build relationships with customers online and in person in a highly competitive market. 

Our experience in designing complementary digital and in-person experiences is rooted in a holistic approach to the customer journey, rapid prototyping, user research, and an understanding that strong customer relationships are built upon providing mutual lifetime value. Our approach ensures research, experiments, insights, and success against KPIs are coordinated and shared enterprise-wide, improving communication and optimizations. 

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Average revenue per user 
Content engagement 
Customer lifetime value 
Customer retention rate 
Funnel optimization 
Online reputation and ratings
Personalization engagement 
Sales conversion rate 
Search ranking 
User satisfaction 


Accessibility design (WCAG 2.2) 
Brand ecosystems 
Content strategy 
Design/development handoff 
Design systems 
Native mobile apps 
Offers and pricing engines 
Omnichannel design 
Product roadmaps 
Rapid prototyping
Responsive design  
Retail space 
Search landing experiences 
Search optimization
Service design 
Systematized CRM and personalization
User journey experience design
User research
Vision concepts  

Partnerships with Results


Inspire customers with a more personal banking experience

To better share its story of building personal, emotional connections with customers, we partnered with Amerant Bank to reimagine its website. Starting with a fresh look, we created a personalized experience that showcases the bank’s expansive product offering and uses an ecommerce approach to helping customers discover and choose products that meet their needs. The fully responsive site features simple navigation and wayfinding to help customers easily find what they’re looking for.

a web responsive website for Amerant Bank
product comparison UI for Amerant Bank
financial education center for Amerant Bank
private client UI for Amerant Bank
the design system for Amerant Bank


Making online banking easier

We audited their existing banking experience and proposed new user experience improvements throughout the banking journey. 

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