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Companies are shifting from a jobs-based to a skills-based mentality, enabling them to adapt quickly to change, address talent shortages, and help employees develop professionally. In today’s remote and hybrid work environments, personal learning platforms are helping make that transition by providing access to key training and personalized learning programs. New employees can start their jobs quickly while others can stay compliant or upskill to other roles within the organization.

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Average time to completion
Course completion rate
Job performance impact
Learner retention rate
Learner satisfaction rate
Pass/fail rate
Post-training assessment results
Time to proficiency
Training attendance rate
Training ROI


Accessibility design (WCAG 2.2)
AI simulation training
Brand ecosystems
User journey experience design
Lesson building and planning
Mobile apps and on-the-go-training
Multi-brand design systems
Training configurators
User research across audiences
Video players

Partnerships with Results


5+ product redesigns and a new design system

Working with leadership and 20+ designers, we spent more than two years leading strategic and tactical projects to reimagine the overall customer experience across the company’s 65+ products. This included redesigning multiple flagship products and uniting all digital teams around a shared design system and process. With our “start with one product” strategy, Ellucian was able to launch the new design within six months and have an immediate market impact while still working on additional products.

a web responsive site for Ellucian
a dashboard for Ellucian students
an internal dashboard for Ellucian employees
an internal dashboard for Ellucian employees
design system components for Ellucian
The team behind Ellucian
a customizable design system for working with multiple universities

Marriott International

New learning platform for 1M+ employees across 30 brands

We collaborated with the Learning & Development team to create the vision and detailed designs for Marriott's new learning platform. This platform enables employees for all 30 brands to complete their required training and build their own training programs, all in their specific brand experience. Marriott also used this platform to train all employees organization-wide on COVID-19 protocols.

a web responsive app for Marriott Learning
a user journey map for a Marriott learner
a dashboard for Marriott Learning
Personalized learning for Marriott learners
a search experience for Marriott learners
a Marriott learner dashboard
consistent UI design across Marriott brands
analytics and reports for Marriott managers


The learning management platform of the future

We currently support the design program for this incredible new learning platform.

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Unite universities around a shared digital ecosystem.


Marriott Learning

Elevate career development across 30+ brands.

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