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After working with over eighty mid-size to Fortune 250 client partners, we've crafted the most impactful design services across key design areas.


Design Strategy
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Design Strategy

Design strategy is a meeting point between what’s valuable for customers and business profitability. It involves creating a set of guiding principles that articulate the business mission and vision with the design of their products or services. It helps businesses figure out the question of what to do next.

Design strategy ensures your team produces what your business needs to align its success to its customers’ needs.


Design Discovery

Our team works closely with your team to address a specific problem or opportunity and create a realizable vision for the future.

Usually working together over 10-15 weeks, we will interview your customers to understand their pain points, needs, and expectations and create a vision prototype to test and align the team around the future experience. After we validate the vision, we deliver pixel-perfect designs to your development team to start building it. We talk with your customers throughout discovery to understand their behavior, test the latest work, and use their insights to validate and drive the work.

Product Definition

Our team will interview your customers and leadership stakeholders to understand and document the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) or Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) for your project and align the team around your next project's key features and priorities or product strategy.

Rapid Prototyping

We believe in getting new designs in front of customers as soon as possible and improving them through iteration. Our process enables us to quickly align with customers on an experience that excites and engages them.

Consumer Insights and Market Trends

Experienced in gathering and analyzing critical consumer insights for new product and service rollouts, our team will develop reports on engagement and usage data in your target market. By identifying common trends, we can extrapolate and forecast future market shifts and how consumers will interact with your product once it goes live.

Product and Service Vision

Each product or service your company provides must align with your company’s overarching core mission. Through this service, our team will help you craft a unique and compelling vision for each new product or service and visually showcase how it will positively impact long-term growth through future objectives.

Omnichannel and Direct to Consumer

The team at Variate is experienced with both omnichannel and direct-to-consumer marketing strategies, putting your customer at the center of the project’s focus, to create a unified digital experience at every touchpoint, no matter where your customers interact with your brand.

Content Strategy

Content strategy is a critical part of your brand experience. Our lead strategists will help your company develop a comprehensive and unified content strategy, aligning topics with your core brand message to increase reach and positive customer interactions.

Go-to-Market Planning

At the outset of your product launch, it is essential to create a go-to-market plan. Our experienced market development and planning professionals work closely with your team to create a comprehensive plan, providing direction to your sales force and positioning your marketing to deliver a unique value proposition that highlights your competitive advantage.

Experience and Service Design

Experience design gets to the end customer's heart of a product or service. Our human-centered approach to design considers the customer experience from every angle, leading to higher customer engagement and loyalty rates.

Variate provides businesses with impactful customer experience services that make a difference – not just in your bottom line but in the quality of your products and services. We firmly believe in the profound influence customer-centric design can have on digital experiences.

Through efficient experience design, we help you develop a product or service that addresses your customers’ core needs and enhances customer engagement.


End-to-End Customer Journey

Through customer research, analytics, observation, and market analysis, we understand and document how your customers use your products and services to uncover your customer's pain points, needs, and opportunities to design a product, service, or feature that solves their challenges. Reliable customer journey maps help everyone understand how the product is utilized, providing essential guidance in developing new customer-centered products and services.

Customer Experience Design (CX)

We analyze the customer journey at all touchpoints before, during, and after conversion to uncover the needs of your customers and craft a better digital product or service at every step of the way. We leverage customer-centered strategies to delight customers at each step of the conversion journey to nurture strong customer-brand relationships.

User Experience Design (UX/UI)

As Louis Sullivan famously said, "Form follow function." We couldn't agree more. We build our designs around the functionality that directly addresses the needs of our customers and layer incredible visual design onto the experience to excite and delight our users. We’ve worked on more than 200 user experience design projects, and our team of design experts has the skills and expertise to create award-winning results.

Service Design (SD)

Today, there is no longer a clear distinction between goods and services. Our service design process integrates human, digital, and physical interactions over time to create a truly differentiated, memorable experience for your customers. Delivering great services can be challenging, but you can use design thinking to understand people's needs, look holistically at customer interactions, and constantly iterate your way forward.

Customer Research and Testing (Qualitative & Quantitative)

Great design is human-centered design. Our team uses user research to guide every project we work on. We perform qualitative and quantitative research to ensure your app, service, or product is functioning as intended in all use cases. This testing allows our team to identify any key issues and provide solutions to customer feedback.


Websites and e-commerce platforms must align with your target audience’s interests and provide them with enough information to take the intended action, moving through the expected customer flow. By creating these digital assets with customer-centric design in mind from the beginning, the conversion of your products and goals will provide a more substantial ROI for your business.

Digital Products and Services

At Variate, we work with your team to plan, develop, manage, and test upcoming digital products and services from every angle. Our unique, iterative process helps your company develop a cohesive digital product or service that best serves your customer’s needs and delivers long-term value to your business.

iOS and Android Applications

Mobile app interfaces increase your brand’s reach and provide an essential level of functionality and convenience to customers in the palm of their hands. Mobile app interactions must be perfectly aligned with your customers’ interests and provide a frustration-free experience to retain brand loyalty. Our team can help analyze, create, and implement iOS and Android applications for your brand, providing customer insight and usage data for continuous improvements.

Prototyping and Optimization

Initial Prototype Validation. By prototyping the design at each step of the process, we ensure all teams are aligned around what we plan to build. We also use products for design validation to ensure that the design is on-target for achieving the initial product and market research goals.

Design Delivery

We believe digital delivery and execution are as important as the strategy and concepts that brought the vision to life. Variate delivers on its strategic designs with flawless execution, and we ensure that the final product delivers on the business goals, strategy, and vision.


Pixel-Perfect Production Design and Execution

Customers should interact with your digital products and services without frustration, meaning every design must be executed with complete detail that seamlessly meets or exceeds customer expectations. Our team ensures that every pixel-perfect design we deliver caters to your audiences’ needs down to the last polished detail.

Design Development and Handoff

Variate has created a design delivery framework to streamline design to development handoff by working with over eighty enterprises over the past ten years. We utilize best-of-breed design tools built around collaboration to seamlessly deliver timely designs to the development team and work closely with them to answer questions and fine-tune.

Agile Delivery

We can work directly with your agile team to provide ongoing design support. We are experienced working at all levels of SAFe, agile framework utilizing the latest agile software development stacks.

Design QA

Our design team provides comprehensive quality assurance for your digital products and experiences, bridging the gap between the testing and development phases. We believe this phase is vital to the success of any customer-centric design. Our experienced designers will review copywriting and micro-interactions and address any inconsistencies in usability or design before your digital experience goes into production.

Content Creation and Copywriting

The core of all brand messaging is good, effective copy. Developing a concise statement about your digital experience will sculpt the customer’s experience and help customers make informed decisions when navigating your offering. At Variate Labs, we help your company create an inclusive experience for your customers through content creation and clear copywriting.

Rollout Planning and Prioritization

We strive to create a comprehensive path forward from the initial pilot program to public rollout, according to your company’s goals and standards. A successful launch is timed perfectly to match your target market’s needs and any seasonal demands that may appear.

Content Guidelines

We help your business create comprehensive content guidelines, helping execute your company’s core messaging in positive and impactful ways. Critical in each aspect of branding, content guidelines help individual team members stay aligned throughout daily operations, from standard communications to new product launches.

Design Systems

In today’s interconnected world, all-digital solutions work within your system of design, and we understand the value of aligning all of your teams around a central design language. We go beyond single-product delivery to help produce cohesive systems across your business with seamless, intuitive UX.

Creating a unique and flexible design system is critical for any company looking to implement a customer-centric digital experience across various platforms. Existing and new products benefit from implementing customer-centric digital experience design.

Our team will work closely with you to plan, create, implement, and evangelize your new design system. Your new design system will help transform your company from the inside out, enabling your team to coordinate a cohesive customer experience and maintain the products well into the future.


Design Governance and Standards

It is critical to establish clear standards for design work and operation across your company. While we have the industry experience to draw upon, our team understands that your business is unique in its operation and goals. We strive to accommodate those brand values with a bespoke approach to our digital experience guidance.

It has to be beautiful AND 508/WCAG 2.2 compliant. We understand how to design beautiful experiences that meet all of the legal needs of our partners. We care about helping people and go the extra mile to ensure that our designs work well for all of our customers.

Design System Planning

Not sure how to implement a design system across your organization? Our design system experts can help you create a strategy and roadmap to plan your design execution building off individual product and services redesigns. We believe in starting new design systems with a single product to build momentum and buy-in from the team.

Atomic Component Design

Best-of-breed design systems are built around atomic design principles. Our team understands how to create these design systems and specializes in creating new systems that can support multiple brands, brand style guides, and unique brand features. We’ve created design systems that support more than thirty brands in a single system, can be infinitely customizable by our partners' customers, and many other complex design systems.

Design Libraries

We create comprehensive design libraries with each new product design, providing customer-centric product and service design foundations in an easy-to-navigate format for your internal team. These libraries will help your teams better communicate product features, create a cohesive vocabulary around the product, help your team understand the goals of the design, and think about the design from the customer’s perspective.

Design System Rollout and Launch

Our team knows how to execute design systems. The success of the design system depends on the way it is adopted and used by the teams across the organization. We know how to involve designers and developers across teams early in the process to contribute to the new designs making it easier for the design system to be used across the organization after its inception.

Design Operations & Process

Variate takes a long-term approach to working with client partners, helping them manage digital operations and instill a design culture as their business changes and grows. To ensure the success of your product as it matures with your customer base, it’s essential to continue growing your internal team’s expertise with your brand and keep both new and old offerings aligned with your customer’s expectations and needs.

Your business deserves long-term results, not stop-gap solutions. We provide standards and guidelines for product research and UX, with outlines covering both beginner and advanced concepts for developing products. These designer-led documents introduce individual aspects of design operations and processes, helping your teams adjust to the new product and enhance its long-term viability within the company.


Digital Transformation

Variate Labs can help your business optimize business frameworks with ease, helping your company continuously improve its processes and internal workflow with a strategic approach and modern technology. We work with several different methods, including popular SAFe and Agile frameworks, which are chosen for their customization and sustainable nature for large-scale businesses.

Organizational Design. Company messaging can change with new members, processes, or products. Our team helps align any changes with your brand’s core values to keep your company moving seamlessly with these adjustments. By providing a step-by-step methodology to incorporate new technologies and adjust to other internal changes, our team helps remove inefficiencies in your current workflow and streamline individual processes.

Governance Models. Each new transformation to your company comes with a unique set of responsibilities and roles that must accommodate the new structure. Variate Labs can help your business develop governance models unique to your processes, helping establish a new code of conduct and responsibilities around executive and strategic initiatives.

Strategic UX Planning. Grow your team’s understanding of strategic UX development and design with strategic planning sessions and advanced discussions on customer feedback and experience in product design. We help your team think about the company’s products and services in a new light, enabling everyone to better direct other areas of the business strategy.

Accessibility and Design Standards

Our team can help take your company’s physical operations and transfer them to the digital medium, transforming your processes into digital methods focused on the customer journey. This process is rolled out in steps to allow your team to adjust and adapt to new functionality and automated design systems.

Usability Testing. This essential form of testing identifies how the customer interacts with the product or service and affirms it is intuitive to your target market. Usability testing is a core aspect of creating new design systems and provides your company with a solid foundation for further digital product research and prototyping.

Compliant Product Positioning. When positioning a new product, your company must remain compliant with all industry-specific laws and regulations. We help you tackle every aspect of compliant product positioning, from wording to utilizing the correct technology when delivering the product to your customer base.

Digital Accessibility. It has to be beautiful AND 508/WCAG 2.2 compliant. We understand how to design beautiful experiences that meet all of the legal needs of our partners. We care about helping people and go the extra mile to ensure that our designs work well for all of our customers.

Design Culture Building

To accomplish a streamlined and accurate assessment of the company’s customer base, your team will need clear roles and responsibilities to help structure the chain of command and proper purview. We’ll help your company better understand the requirements of establishing a functional, well-balanced CX or UX/UI design team.

Project and Design Program Management. At Variate, we provide more than a service; we offer a lasting partnership. We help your products and services succeed in ways that go beyond the standard expectations. We work with your company to help develop and grow your projects over the long term through strategic advice and project management while analyzing the success and growth of each design.