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For 40+ years, Amerant Bank has invested in its community, providing individuals and businesses with banking products and services including savings, credit, wealth management, and investment. Headquartered in Coral Gables, Amerant helps customers imagine and achieve a better future for themselves, their families, and their communities.


To strengthen its commitment to growing personal, emotional, and more human connections, we helped Amerant reimagine its website to showcase its expansive product offering and make it easier for customers to discover and choose products. 


With our fully responsive website, customers now enjoy a refreshed look, simpler navigation, personalization, ecommerce-inspired product pages, the ability to easily compare products, and a mobile-friendly experience. 

What We Did

  • User research
  • Ecommerce optimizations
  • Sitewide content strategy
  • Copywriting for 100+ feature and product pages
  • Comprehensive design system
  • Extensive mobile and desktop redesigns
  • Distinct, premium experience for private banking clients



design components


new design system

3 Big Takeaways

  1. Think holistically
  2. Systems drive consistency and improve the experience
  3. Design for different customers


Think holistically

Only a third of Amerant’s financial products had detailed pages, which meant the site needed to grow by about 300%. We saw this challenge as an opportunity to implement templates, fresh content, cross-selling, and new content and funnel optimization strategies.



Systems drive consistency and improve the experience

Existing product pages were confusing and made it difficult to compare available options. By bringing an ecommerce mindset, we developed a content and design template strategy that allowed us to rapidly produce images, text, and charts for 100+ different products and services. A product discovery wizard on each primary landing page also helps users find what they need in just two clicks. 



Design for different customers

While Amerant is known for providing high-level service to all members of its community, they wanted to create a distinct digital offering for private clients. Using design and copy, we created a separate experience within the Amerant site that showcases products and services in an elevated way.


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